The Burden of Hiding Scars


How do you hide?

We all have something we would like to hide. For some, it’s a mistake that isn’t obvious. For others, it’s plans for a future surprise event. Revealing something you would rather not let anyone see takes courage. First, you must find someone you trust. Then you must be vulnerable with that person to show them that you trust them not to use the secret against you.

If you’ve chosen well, that person is someone to build a relationship with.

Sadly, it’s hard to know which people to trust. It’s not just our current-day culture. The question of whom you can trust is thousands of years old.

When you pick the wrong person, you are hesitant to make the same mistake. Trusting becomes harder. The shame and embarrassment of trusting the wrong person makes us grow a tougher shell. We become the tortoise who can’t move forward because of the fear of being seen.

Our self-protection keeps us from meaningful connections with people.  

This is one of the main themes in Pam’s Christmas Kisses, book one of The Fulton Ridge Family Series. In this Christian romance, Pam finds someone who has no idea what she’s hiding inside her heart. Her wound isn’t visible, but it keeps her from moving forward.

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A Spin-Off Series


In The Promotion, Adam is dealing with the grief of losing his brother. Pam, Adam’s mother, is a minor character in that book. In Pam’s Christmas Kisses, she gets her own love story.

The two stories follow the same timeline, but they reveal different inner struggles and conflicts.

The two stories are set in Texas during the 2017 Major League Baseball season. In the background of The Promotion, the characters are watching the Astros’ games and hoping for a World Series win. The story’s ups and downs sort of parallel the championship series. Just when they thought everything was right with the world, something bad happens and all is lost. Before the end of the story, the reader is left wondering if a happily-ever-after ending is possible.

In the real world of 2017, it seemed like all of Houston was watching the championship games. However, the Astros’ games are not highlighted as much in Pam’s Christmas Kisses because she’s not as interested in baseball as the characters in The Promotion.

Will Pam finally get her happily ever after?

Find out for yourself when you read Pam’s Christmas Kisses.

Superheroes Living Among Us

Recently, while my daughter and I were at a grocery store, a rainstorm surprised us. After we paid for our food, we saw other groups of people waiting for a lull in the rain before venturing out to the parking lot. We decided our frozen foods wouldn’t allow us to wait very long. Since we didn’t have an umbrella with us, we had to walk out to the car knowing we would get wet.

My daughter walked much faster than I did and started unloading our bags into her car. I was still a good distance from her car when I heard a woman’s voice behind me. “Ma’am. Ma’am. Do you need an umbrella?”

When I turned to see if I knew the woman, I didn’t recognize her. We’d never met.

She held her umbrella over me and walked with me all the way to my daughter’s car. My daughter was trying to unload all our bags quickly and hadn’t unlocked the car. This woman held her umbrella over me until the car was unlocked and I was inside.

I was amazed at this woman’s kind and generous effort to keep me from getting soaked to the skin—especially now when everyone is trying to keep their distance from each other.

She didn’t have to do that. She didn’t know me, but she sacrificed a couple of minutes to help me during a summer storm.

Would you call that heroic?

I would because I was expecting to be drenched as I walked in a rainstorm to the car.

This is another example of the superheroes who live among us. Are you one of them?

You can be.

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