Announcing My Upcoming Novel

I've been saying my novel is going to be published. Finally, the day approaches. And I would love to have your participation.

You are a big part of my success, and I'm grateful for you! 

Will you help me? 

I've created a way for you to join in the fun while the preparations begin. I need voters to sign up for my email subscription and participate in the Novel Book Cover Vote. 

Voting for your #1 choice of my book cover options will help me put a book in the marketplace that has been tweaked by readers before it's available on Amazon. 

If you want to join the Novel Book Cover Vote party, just add your name and email address to the form in the sidebar and click to send. One of the emails you'll get will tell you to type in the number of your favorite of the cover options and hit Reply. You'll also get some bonus items. 

This is a limited time offer.

Hurry! I'll be finishing up the preparations for publishing as soon as I can.

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