I Had A Plan

I’m usually pretty regular on my blogs. However, I recently had an unexpected challenge when my computer decided to take the month of May off. Being decidedly despondent, I needed help. I asked my techie hubby to help me get it sent off for repairs. Now I’m back online.

My blog plan has to be updated and reconfigured, but I’m okay with that now that I have my computer back.

After making sure all important emails were responded to, I checked out my Twitter account to see what was happening while I was away. I follow @duncanphillips on Twitter. One of the last retweets I posted before my computer went down was his, “You'll be way happier if you focus on the things you can change and let go of the things you can't! #music #newsboys”  Interesting concept.

I like that quote because it applies to so many things in life. As a parent, I can get caught up in the little distractions or let them go and focus on the big picture. Kids don’t really care about the big picture. It’s my job to help them focus on things that matter, whether they agree with me or not.

That quote also applies to my struggles with technology. I do a good job of focusing on the things I can change, but there is so much of that for me to keep up with. The things I have to let go of are the unexpected challenges like a motherboard which needs to be replaced. I can’t stop riding a horse just because I fell off. It’s important to get back on that horse and move forward.

What I love about this time of waiting we all have to go through occasionally is that God never left me. He was always there, loving me, guiding me through it. No need tear out hair in frustration. Trusting God is always enough

Cover Girl, 1944

Gene Kelly plays a night club owner in the theater where Rita Hayworth, who plays Rusty Parker, dances. She’s also his girlfriend. When she finds out that a major magazine is looking for a fresh face for their new cover girl, she applies for the job. She feels a little outnumbered when she sees the many beautiful ladies applying for the same job. When the publisher of the magazine sees her face, he remembers a very similar face from his younger years. He knew the girl’s grandmother.

Rusty Parker gets the job, and overnight, her face becomes famous. The owner of a Broadway theater tries to convince her to leave her old night club for a place on his stage. The new opportunity meant better costumes, more money, bigger stage, and a much different crowd. She wasn’t easily convinced, even though he sent flowers to her night club. He sent so many flowers, they weren’t romantic, but rather a nuisance.

This film stands out as the perfect place for Gene Kelly to dance outside on a sidewalk with his own reflection.

Some of the gowns were designed by Travis Banton, who also designed costumes for Carole Lombard in No Man of Her Own. Banton was one of three costume designers for this movie. Because of the rare opportunity to dress the many standout beauties in a variety of styles for magazine covers, they needed three experienced designers.


I cannot imagine being Bathsheba’s friend, hearing her confide in me about her troubles. How could she say no to King David when he sent for her? He was the king. Her husband, Uriah, was at war. She had no one to stand up for her or protect her. She had to submit to the king on a night that would change her life forever.

Today at Seek God With Me, I’m taking a look at another beautiful woman of the Bible, Bathsheba. She couldn’t have known what would happen to her just because she took a bath one night.

Bathsheba was so beautiful that it made her stand out. Her beauty changed her address. Her beauty changed her whole way of living. Let’s meet at Seek God With Me and consider the changes in Bathsheba’s life.

No Man of Her Own, 1932

Imagine catching the eye of Clark Gable as you fulfill your duties in a small town library. Carole Lombard plays the librarian beautiful enough to be noticed. Because of her obvious beauty, the writers could fill the dialogue with catchy little pieces like this: (He) “Do your eyes bother you?” (She) “No. Why?” (He) “They bother me.”

This classic movie stars Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who, during filming, were both married to other people, so their romance was strictly on film. They met again later and fell for each other, eventually becoming known as one of Hollywood’s great couples.

Babe Stewart gives up his gambling to hide from a cop on his trail. Before buying a train ticket out of town, he picks the perfect hiding place at the train station by closing his eyes and putting a finger on a random town name. But, being the perfect hiding place, the town of Glendale produces an interesting librarian who is hungry for adventure. 

Carole Lombard plays Connie Randall, the librarian. She gave the role the vivaciousness it required.
Her costumes were designed by Travis Banton. I liked his style choices in this film. He’s mentioned on imdb.com as a mentor who influenced Oscar-winning designer Edith Head, who was his assistant in 1928. He once said about Carole Lombard, “You could toss a bolt of fabric at Carole Lombard and however it would land on her, she would look smart.”



What would you feel like if you were a single guy dating a girl introduced to you by a friend, but your friend didn’t tell you she was married? This happened (sort of) in the book of Genesis where Abraham told a king that Sarah was his sister. Genesis 20:3 explains what happened. “But God came to Abimelek in a dream one night and said to him, ‘You are as good as dead because of the woman you have taken; she is a married woman.’”

Did Abraham lie? No. Abraham was a redneck. Sarah really was his sister because his dad was Sarah’s father with another mother.

Join me today at Seek God With Me where I’m sharing the happy ending and the real reason behind Abraham’s actions.

Beautiful Women

Today is the first day of May. I’m a mother, so I look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day in May each year. Also my sister and my grandmother have birthdays in May. So naturally, I think of women when I think of the month of May.

That’s why I’m celebrating beautiful women on my blogs this month.

There will be links to my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, so you can join me there honoring specially selected beauties of the Bible. I’m also reviewing movies starring classic beauties of Hollywood, starting with Carole Lombard this week.

So stay tuned and see who shows up this month. Enjoy!