Where the Sidewalk Ends, 1950

A cop kills a man whose father-in-law will have to take the rap unless the cop confesses. Dana Andrews, dressed in fedora and trench coat, is the cop whose life is changed by an accident.

At the 16th precinct, Lt. Thomas played by Karl Malden, takes over due to a promotion. Dana Andrews is Dixon, a cop who could’ve gotten that promotion if he hadn't gotten his rank reduced because he beats up hoodlums.

Dixon and partner answered a call at a floating dice game at a hotel. Scalise is the one in charge of the gambling, so when a dead body is found there, Dixon is sure Scalise murdered him. He tracks Kenneth Paine, one of the men who was a the hotel, but hits him back in self-defense. The man dropped dead and Dixon has to remove Paine without anyone seeing. He knows he’d get blamed for a dearth and Scalise the murderer will go free. He can’t let that happen.

Gene Tierney plays Morgan Taylor, Paine’s wife, the wife of the man Dana Andrews kills. She moved in with her father since she had separated from her husband because he hit her. The night Paine died, Paine hit her again.

Morgan’s father is Jiggs Taylor, the cab driver who got a certificate from the Mayor for helping Officer Mark Dixon in a time of need (a gunfight with bad guys). When Jiggs is arrested for Paine’s murder, Dixon must find a way to get Jiggs free and pin it on Scalise.

Gene Tierney played opposite Dana Andrews in Laura in 1944. This was the last of her 5 films with him. Otto Preminger directed both this film and Laura in 1944.

Oleg Cassini designed beautiful costumes. He also played the role of Oleg the fashion designer. He was married to Gene Tierney from 1941 to 1952. She played a model in the movie.

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