Summer is for reading

What are your favorite books? What do you plan to read this summer?

I have a bookshelf full of unopened books. Mysteries still unsolved. The magical tingle of romance yet undiscovered. Characters call to me and I turn away. I'm reading something else right now.

I try to alternate between non-fiction and fiction. Study, then study and enjoy. I love to compare the emotional levels in fiction. Opening a new book affords the opportunity to ask, "Where will this one take me?"

The non-fiction often helps me enjoy the fiction even more. With non-fiction, God can bring me to a higher level of understanding and apply His instruction to my heart in a new way.

I like several different authors. They are like toes on my feet. Each is different, yet I need them all. Authors blend their voices as in a choir. A thrilling soloist is not a choir. Although I appreciate the beauty of a single voice, I need more than that.

I am only one member of the Body of Christ, but I am a needed and relevant part of that Body. I know God counts me as important just as he counts every hair on my head.

I enjoy being a member of God's family. My brothers and sisters share with me their wisdom and experience as I do to those entrusted to me. I love the fun of a big family. Never a dull moment.

Christian writers have called me one of their own. They have encouraged me to join their ranks. I accept the call given me by God to listen to His instruction (sometimes less detailed than I would like) and obediently write.

Please join me this summer in a light discussion on books and writing.