Happy New Year

I plan to have a great year. There's a lot of writing to do, so I'll be busy.

I did some writing on my year-end trip. Not much writing, but I was glad to make whatever progress I could make. We were in the car a lot. A lot.

We saw old family homes and drove out to my great-grandparents' old homestead. We saw the house where a different set of great-grandparents lived in town. My mom was born in their house. That house is now owned by my mom's cousin and is being restored to its original luster.

We saw patches of snow in Kansas and patches of burned grass in Oklahoma on our way home. I'm reminded of how much God has blessed me when I hear reports of people losing their homes to wildfires.

Everyone will eventually have a moment of sadness. When yours comes, I hope you are surrounded by love as my family was in our recent sadness.