Making A Change

Why do people wait to make changes until they can’t stand it anymore? A lot of people will put up with a lot in order to not change what they’re doing. Some women wait until they’re twenty pounds overweight before they start their diet. Some men wait to clean the garage until the car won’t fit inside.

I’m the same way. I recently cleaned out a lot of old magazines that I’d kept for too long. I threw out things that had been cluttering my writing space and making my tiny “office” uncomfortably crowded.

Why do we wait?

I honestly don’t know. But I can guess that it has to do with dreading change.

I’m not afraid of change. I like to change the furniture around in the room. I don’t fix my hair the same way every day. But I can see that I dread change at times.

Change draws extra energy out of me. Change means I have to think about something in a different way. I have to get out of my carefully constructed routine and make room for something new.

Change is good when a new haircut gets my hair out of my eyes. Change is bad when I get off the diet to eat chocolate cake at bedtime.

But this year, I’ve drawn a line in the sand. I’ll choose my battles wisely and put forth effort to win.

I’m getting a new mindset regarding change. I’ll take small steps and make manageable progress.

And I’ll maintain it – with God’s help.

Domino Club

I'm glad to be back at work on my novel. I took a break to start up a project I'd been thinking about for a while.

It's called the Domino Club.

It is intended to be an encouragement to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

Change is good. Especially if it is focused and aimed in a good direction.

Some of us need a tiny nudge. I plan to set weekly goals in different areas. These are tasks that anyone can do. The goals are designed to bring people together and to bring people to God.

I think it’ll be interesting. We’ll see what happens.