A Christmas Meme

Having looked online for a Christmas meme, I found a few and made up my own version from a conglomeration of a few interesting ones out there.


1. Getting kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow?

Since snow is so rare around here, I prefer mistletoe overhead. Of course if I can’t find any mistletoe, my husband might just kiss me without it.

2. Santa or Rudolph?

Just the mention of Santa and Rudolph takes me back to the animated Rudolph TV show narrated by Burl Ives. I love that show. Rudolph is so cute when he’s young and so brave when he’s older. So for that reason, I’d have to choose Rudolph. “Ready, Rudolph?” “Ready, Santa!”

3. Decorating the tree or putting lights on the outside?

My husband’s job is the outdoor decorations. My job is the inside, including the living room tree. My husband puts it together every year and makes sure the lights are all working. I go through the boxes of decorations and decide what to use on it. Last year and this year, I put some cinnamon-scented pine cones on it to make it smell good.

4. Warm fires or sleigh rides?

There aren’t too many sleigh rides around here, so if I picked sleigh rides, that would mean traveling to an area where one might find horses pulling sleighs through the snow. Yay! But without travel, the warm fires would feel good on those cold winter nights that we may get this year.

5. Caroling or Christmas stories?

Although I do love stories so very much, caroling has a special place in my heart. One Christmas at my mom’s house, the family gathered in overcoats and walked down her street knocking on doors and singing to all the neighbors who were home. We had the best time. I've also gone caroling with my youth group in nursing homes and hospitals. We always stopped for hot cocoa afterward.

6. Fake tree or real one?

An artificial tree is less costly, less fussy, less messy, and less prone to cause allergy problems. Fake is fine.

7. Homemade ornaments or store-bought?

We actually have more than one tree. Both of my kids have a tiny tree in their rooms. It started when my son was still interested in using a night light. We put a small tree in his room with multi-colored lights on it. We waited until he was asleep and then we turned off the lights. We let him decorate it with ornaments that he made in school or the ones we made at home. The store-bought ornaments went on the living room tree.

8. "The Muppet Christmas Carol" or George C Scott’s "A Christmas Carol"?

Who doesn’t love the Muppets? Some of them are really adorable. But honestly, I prefer the George C Scott version of that story.

9. Wrapping paper or gift bag?

Gift bags are wonderful time-savers. I love them. However after years of using wrapping paper, my family has proven to be quite the creative gift-wrappers. And I think some of us like to annoy everyone else with a less-than-speedy unwrapping process since we usually take turns opening packages. Gift bags would be way too fast – unless there are several small boxes inside! Mmwwahahaha!

10. Travel during holidays or stay at home?

Both. We like to be home for part of the holidays, but we try to see as many of our relatives as we can.

11. Making Christmas cookies or eating them?

Duh. Eating them. I’m a good cook, but my husband does most of the baking around here.

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