Movie: Christmas in July

Dick Powell plays Jimmy MacDonald, a young employee who strives for his weekly wage working an adding machine, unappreciated by the advertising department to whom he’s sent thousands of ideas only to be rejected every time.

Ellen Drew plays his fiancé, Betty, who has waited patiently for hero Jimmy to marry her, but is becoming more impatient by the minute.

In this 1940 movie, Jimmy and Betty listen to the radio for the coffee slogan contest winner’s name to be announced by Maxford House Coffee president Dr. Maxford, played by the very entertaining Raymond Walburn. However, the contest winners aren’t announced because the jury has deadlocked and won’t come out of their deliberation room until the decision is unanimous.

While the jury continues to talk it over, the radio announcer closes the evening’s show with the joke about the executioner who can’t find the rope, “No noose is good noose.” Jimmy goes to work the next day to find a telegram on his desk stating that he’s won the top prize in the coffee slogan contest. Only he hasn’t really won. Trickster co-workers think this little joke is harmless, but it gets out of hand.

One thing leads to another and Jimmy ends up in a big department store spending his contest winnings on gifts for his family and neighbors. Then the joke is found out. Jimmy no longer feels like a hero and hopes he isn’t back at square one, only this time without a job.

With lots of humor and lots of twists, this movie is about taking a chance and not giving up hope.

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