Movie: The Nativity Story

I saw this movie when it came out on the big screen two years ago. I liked it then, but this is one of my favorites now and will be seen every Christmas. Although the story was familiar, the telling of it captivated me. The way the actors brought the words to life - the words I grew up reading - made them seem new.

The joy Elizabeth showed at Mary's arrival made me love the actress who played Elizabeth. But each scene drew me in. The roles of Mary and Joseph were well played by award-winning actors Oscar Isaac and Keisha Castle-Hughes. Joseph was a hero. You could see in Mary how he changed, grew, and made her proud.

Filmed in Italy and Morocco, the breathtaking landscapes added much to the scenes. Every time I heard the horses hooves coming into Nazareth, it provoked emotion. The camera angles made me want to run out of the way when the soldiers rode into town.

The wise men were very entertaining. I wanted to look around in the room where the wise men kept their technology. They gave the movie an amusing lightness. I really wonder if the real wise men were "wise guys".

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