The Tug

Many mothers have experienced The Tug. This usually occurs when the mother is in a conversation with another adult. The child tugs on the mother’s clothes and cries out for the mother to respond. After several attempts, the child’s voice gets higher and louder and the tugs harder.

The mother sacrifices that much-desired moment of play with her child to teach the lesson of patience. The mother’s acknowledgments of “Mommy’s talking right now,” don’t seem to have an affect. The child wants what the child wants, and he won’t stop until he gets it.

We’ve all seen this. More than likely, as children, we’ve all done this. And many of us are still doing this – to God.

We call out to God and get impatient when His response isn’t fast enough. I think God sometimes waits on us to correct our attitude toward him. How would you like to be God and have your children boss you around, but not do what you say? Parents often see their own children in that attitude and can’t see it in their own relationship with God. All of us could take a moment to reflect on our own attitude before prayer.

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