How To Steal a Million, 1966

What if you weren’t who you were supposed to be?

Audrey Hepburn, as Nicole Bonnet, wonders what to do about her father, the art forger. He’s quite talented and sells a painting for a rather large sum, which increases the temptation to keep copying the masterpieces.

The one piece in his family collection that he didn’t create is a sculpture forged by Nicole’s grandfather. The Paris museum plans to feature the sculpture and insure it while it’s there. After signing the insurance papers, Nicole’s father discovers that the sculpture will be tested to verify its age. If he allows this, he’s sure he’ll be found out and his forgery success will be over. Nicole doesn’t want her father to go to jail, so she contacts a man she’s met recently to help her get the family’s sculpture back. It's been insured for one million dollars, so Nicole has to figure out How To Steal A Million.

Peter O’Toole is the dashing Simon Dermott. Simon keeps secrets well and uses his education and experience to stay out of trouble. Poor Nicole falls for him without the benefit of knowing his background.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s review to see another thief in action.

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