Romantic Roses: Prosperity

I’m often interested in roses because of their name. I had to share this rose because of this month’s theme. The name of the Prosperity rose makes me think that this rose has it together. I read the name and I imagine a thick bush of rich green leaves which are polka-dotted with heavily scented white flowers. But I’ve never seen the rose in person, so I don’t really know how this flower performs. All I can say is what I’ve picked up online.

Introduced by Pemberton in 1919, this white hybrid musk rose is a repeat bloomer. The clusters of nicely fragrant blooms show up well against the dark green glossy leaves on thorny stems. This disease resistant shrub can be trained to climb.

Because they’ve been known to fade in the sun, these flowers need partial shade and proper feeding for a richer color. Although it will grow in poor soil, giving the Prosperity a good amount of mulching and well-drained soil will make it thrive.

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