Widows and Orphans

Do you give only to those who can pay you back.

Can we get more joy out of giving to the poor than giving to those you expect to pay you back? Getting a reward for giving seems to take the fun out of it. “If you give me a Christmas card, I’ll give you one” doesn’t bring as much joy as dressing a table and presenting a feast for the poor.

When my kids’ feet grow out of shoes, I buy bigger ones. But bigger smiles come from kids who only own one pair (which doesn’t fit well). Not that my kids aren’t grateful. They thank us. But when my husband and I gave shoes to an orphanage, we almost got hugged to death. A completely different kind of thank you.

On my Seek God With Me blog, I posted a video by a young man who gave his time and effort in Russia. His video about a ministry to orphans is worth the watch.

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