Shenandoah, 1965

Civil War era farmer Charlie Anderson hears the cannons and gunfire, but isn’t interested in getting involved with either the Union or the Confederacy because this isn’t his war. As long as the soldiers stay off his land, it doesn’t concern him. However when his son is taken prisoner, Charlie gets angry because now it concerns him. He has to find him and bring him home.

James Stewart is Charlie Anderson, a widower raising six boys and a daughter to have manners and work hard. In her debut film role, Katharine Ross plays Ann, James Anderson’s wife. Jacob Anderson is played by Glenn Corbett, and Patrick Wayne plays his brother James. Corbett and Wayne did another film together in 1971 called Big Jake which starred John Wayne.

Denver Pyle plays their church’s pastor who was funny when trying to preach to a church full of people who were distracted by the Anderson family who came in late and whispered down the long row of people to get the fishing line out of the youngest one’s hands during church.

The scene where Charlie has a talk about women with his daughter’s new fiancé is very well written. Men don’t understand why women are the way they are. They didn’t then, and they don’t now.

If you agree that James Stewart is an awesome actor, you’ll want to watch this one again. But be aware that every time I watch this movie, I’m wishing for tissues, so be prepared for the tear-jerker moments when you watch it.

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