On A Killer's Trail by Susan Page Davis

Kate Richards, new on the job at the biggest newspaper in Maine, wants to be one of the best reporters in the country, but that would take time.

Portland police captain Connor Larson and his wife Adrienne welcome Kate into their home for a few reasons, one being the fact that Kate and Adrienne are sisters.

Police detective Neil Alexander used to date Kate, but he’d ruined any chances he might have had with her because of his lifestyle back then. However, he’s changed. He has become a Christian and is determined to act like it.

While Connor and Neil struggle with a case that seems to have no end, the clues aren’t leading them to a perpetrator they can arrest. Instead, they get more deeply entangled in questions.

Author Susan Page Davis is from Maine. She’s familiar with the icy streets and freezing rain. She knows about many of the book’s details first-hand. I think that’s why she kept my attention through the story. Since I'm from Texas, the details she provided helped me see the story better.

Davis has more books coming out. Her next Love Inspired Suspense release will be Hearts in the Crosshairs (October 2009). For more on this terrific author, check out her web site.

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