San Francisco, 1936

Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy team up as childhood buddies separated by the decisions each one made. Spencer Tracy (Father Mullin) becomes a priest and Clark Gable (Blackie Norton) becomes a saloon owner on the Barbary Coast. Each man thinks his decision was the right one for him.

When a gifted and beautiful singer comes to town, the opera house owner fights for his right to the singer. Being new, she doesn’t know which man to trust. Although she’s falling for Blackie, opera is what she wants to do. Singer Mary Blake is played by Jeanette MacDonald.

The fight to win her over gets mixed up in a political battle, and Blackie fears for those he employs. Father Mullin can’t exactly choose sides, but helps where he can.

The ending is superb. The aftermath of the great San Francisco earthquake is properly sad, but with a silver lining.

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