What's Your Plan This Thanksgiving?

When family gathers around the table or the TV to enjoy each other’s company, are you going to thank God for joining you too?

I know many families don’t talk about God because some family members aren’t in a relationship with him. They’re uncomfortable with the subject. Understandable. But have you thought to invite God to your weekend festivities without notifying anyone else? Do you plan to have a quiet prayer by yourself to ask God to join the discussions and make himself known to your family?

God knows how to get through to people in ways we never expect. He can turn a conversation to himself without our doing very much besides staying in communication with others. All we really have to do is to keep our ears open to God and to our loved ones and respond with love.

As you think about your plan this weekend, remember God wants to be a part of it. More on this topic can be found on my devotional blog, Seek God With Me.

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