Romantic Roses: Iceberg

The Iceberg is classified as a floribunda. While it is disease resistant and a vigorous grower, its white blooms are only slightly fragrant. To produce more blooms, cut back the canes by about one-third in the Spring. It grows well in zone 4 and higher.

In 1983, it was voted the world’s most popular rose by the World Federation of Rose Societies.

My husband and I first saw this rose in the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. We wanted to try it in the front of our house. Unfortunately, it was blocked from the morning sun and didn’t enjoy our oven-like late afternoon heat. Even though it’s struggling to perform under less than pleasant circumstances, it’s still producing beautiful blooms. We’ll have to find a better place for it in the back yard where there's shelter from the heat - if it can just hold on.

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