Romantic Roses: Wedding Day

In a perfect wedding, a bride would hold perfect flowers. Creamy white roses, right? But not with ugly, belligerent thorns on them. That would seem to contradict perfection. Even in their beauty, these roses thumb their noses at tradition.

Five petals of creamy white with puffs of yellow in the center will be the show-offs of the back yard. The clusters of simple blossoms may be lemony-white, fading into flushed pink.

Given adequate space to grow, this vigorous rose can easily conceal an ugly tool shed or other structure in the yard. Please be careful not to plant these too close to trees because of the rose’s incredible climbing ability. This shade-tolerant rambler can get up to thirty feet long.

Wedding Day roses were introduced in 1950, so they’ve been around a long time. They are quite beautiful, but their beauty is short-lived. Nevertheless, there’s good news. While they’re blooming, they are very fragrant.

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