Moon Over Miami, 1941

Don Ameche is Phil McNeil, a man whose family owns a well-known company. He lives bored and depressed in a Miami resort. Robert Cummings is Jeff Bolton, a millionaire who can’t figure out which girl he loves.

Kay Latimer, her sister Barbara (Carole Landis), and Aunt Susan are tired of being poor employees at a burger joint in Texas. They hatch a plan to move to Miami where the millionaires live so Kay can get a rich husband and support the other two. Betty Grable, as Kay, spends the last of her money renting a place where she can rub elbows with bored rich men. With new clothes and assistance from her sister and aunt, she pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes.

I loved the scenes with Betty Grable and Don Ameche. Kay is just as much of a liar as McNeil, but he’s better at hiding it. And more charming too. There is much singing and dancing. If that annoys you, just fast forward to the end of the song. This film is hard not to like. And I love Don Ameche in this movie.

Jack Haley is fun to watch as Jack the waiter. He had just done The Wizard of Oz in 1939. I kept waiting for him to whisper, “Oil Can!”

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