Romantic Roses: Deep Secret

Deep Secret, a dark red hybrid tea rose with glossy dark green leaves, is also known as the Mildred Scheel rose. It was bred by Tantau in Germany, but introduced in the United Kingdom in 1977.

Buds form in a crimson so deep they’re almost black. When it unfolds, the beautiful upright bloom has a strong fragrance. In zones 5-10, some rose growers see a continuous bloom, and some see a Spring or Summer flush with scattered blooming later.

Deep Secret makes a good cut flower. However, it can be an outstanding tree rose too. There are those who love to create a nice potted tree rose from different varieties. Tree roses can be a fun project when the rose grower attaches three buds of a rose cultivar to a long straight stem of another rose. Rugosa roses have been successful stem stock for tree roses because they are strong and survive well.

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