The Secret Ego Issue in Publishing

I was reading Chip MacGregor’s blog to catch up on news in the publishing industry and to grin at the man’s sense of humor when I came across the blog post about ego issues in the publishing world. What? Authors with a pride problem? No way!

So after finishing the article and my chuckling, I tried to think this through on a bigger scale. My conclusion? I think some people get noticed for having ego issues when they get caught wanting things to be done their way. In reality, we all want things done our way.

From loading the dishwasher to deciding which plants should be in certain places in the yard, we all think we know best. After my son cleans his room, I tell him he didn’t do it the “right” way. He responds that he did it his own way (which is obviously better - in his opinion). I think we deal with this in its various versions in all walks of life.

Many authors aren’t chasing celebrity, but trying to squeeze money out of their typing. But just because they don’t see themselves as jumping onto a stage screaming HEY LOOK AT ME (as Chip puts it), it doesn’t mean they don’t have ego issues.

Those who love college professors and [supremely wonderful] editors in publishing houses for their helpful instruction secretly still want to ignore the advice and do things their own way. So since we’re all capable of letting our pride get in the way, when do we need to do our own ego check?

The one who refuses to back down is the ego-maniacal jerk, and the one who submits or negotiates will learn, grow, and succeed.

Am I right?

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