The Secret to Enjoying Romance More - For Girls

The secret to really enjoying romance is… knowing Man Language.

When you want to enjoy some romance with your man, you have to realize it doesn’t come as easy for him as it does for you. Not every man will engage in lengthy conversation to find out what your idea of the perfect romantic evening is. If you want a little romance in your life, you’ll have to translate the man’s actions and dialogue into words you understand.

For instance, if a man tells you, “Wow! Love your hair today.” This doesn’t mean that he didn’t love it before today. A lot of women get defensive with their husbands when he gives a compliment because she’s not used to getting one. We need to relax and receive the compliment. It’s not just about the hair. He is putting forth effort to say something nice in order to engage you in conversation because he likes being with you.

Once you understand how to listen to Man Language, you’ll be able to share those deeply moving moments of romance that get overlooked by women who only see the surface of what the man’s saying.

Women who don’t want to learn Man Language will miss out on three very important facts:

1. While it’s true that men don’t really want romance, they will put off their true desire temporarily if it means they’ll build up to a long-term relationship with a beautiful and playful friend. Men want to find someone who brings a spark to their lives, and they want to keep that spark when they find it. Without a doubt, they want eye candy. For attraction purposes, men will suck in their bellies to impress women as long as it’s short term. They don’t want to do that all night on a date. They want someone who will be their friend for many years, who accepts them and their waistline, and who is playful and can be a sparring partner.

2. While it’s true that they won’t show it very often, men sometimes enjoy a positive emotional experience. This isn’t Star Trek, and men are not Vulcans. They have feelings. If they’re not getting the romance down, but they’re trying, we need to praise them for what they did right. Much later, after we’ve enjoyed the moment, we can give tips on how to improve upon what they tried before. No man wants to hear the nagging or complaining if he didn’t measure up, so remember to make your comments encouraging.

3. While it’s true that a physical relationship seems to be top priority, some men like to have meaty discussions too. A woman who listens to the man figure out the world’s problems and adds her opinion will find that he likes being challenged by a thinking woman. A man wants to be around a woman who’ll discuss his favorite sport or game with him. He doesn’t need a competitor, just someone who can prove that she’s interested in him. You’ll enjoy romance more if you realize he’s complimenting you by having an intellectual experience with you. He’s saying that while he loves being with you because you’re a beautiful woman, he likes the whole package.

Yes, we want the candlelit room filled with flowers and soft music or the walk on the beach, and the man always wants more than that. How are both men and women going to get what they want when they want different things? We have to improve our communication, and we have to notice that the other person is trying to be selfless and generous.

Remember that men have to put out a lot of effort when it comes to romance. So don’t take it for granted when it happens. And ladies, be yourself and have fun.

Because in Man Language, that’s what the guys want us to do.

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