Feeding the Five Thousand

As I take a look at big things this month, I can’t help thinking of the time Jesus fed the 5,000 followers with only five loaves and two fish. That seems like an overwhelming task. I can imagine the sharper followers noticing that Jesus and his disciples had come to that remote area in a boat, and they hadn’t brought that much food with them. Where had the food come from? It had to be a miracle.

I think of contemporary miracles and how we take things for granted today. Have we become oblivious to the signs of God’s love? There are many overlooked clues that would lead us to God if we’d only notice them.

I think also of the 1959 blockbuster movie Ben-Hur. This story tells how a man can walk in God’s favor and protection and not even recognize it until he looks back at the overwhelming evidence that has piled up through the years. I’ll post that movie review on Friday.

But today, you can join me on Seek God With Me where I’m taking a look at the compassion of Jesus as he miraculously fed the 5,000.

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