Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs

What do you get when you cross a desperate publisher and an equally desperate agent with a foolish nurse who causes trouble wherever he goes?

Kemp McAvoy is about as self-centered as a person can get. He’ll stop at nothing to feed his greed. When he gets the idea to help an aging actress have an angelic visitation so he can reap the financial benefits, trouble finds him - again. Kemp gets her agent and a publisher involved to make sure his plan is successful, but he finds out there are problems with the plan.

Natalie, Kemp’s girlfriend, is having trouble understanding why her daughter is claiming that she sees angels. Can’t a little girl admit to seeing angels without getting into trouble for it? Leah didn’t think it was such an odd thing when she told about her experience in school. Then again, it was unusual, but that’s why she mentioned it. People don’t see angels every day.

Or do they?

Tim Downs shares an amazing set of characters with us in this suspenseful story of seeing things as they really are. He keeps our eyes open with expectation as Kemp, Natalie, and Leah make room for all the changes taking place in their lives.

If you’re one of the people who have heard about angels and spiritual beings but still don’t believe in the unseen, after reading Wonders Never Cease, you’ll probably be willing to.

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