A Woman Called Sage by DiAnn Mills

The outlaw gang who killed Sage’s husband and baby are after something, but she doesn’t know where to look to find it. The only thing she can do is stop the thieving, murdering gang of brothers who have been terrorizing the west. And she’ll do it her way, by being a bounty hunter.

The death of Marshal Parker Timmons’ only deputy, his brother, keeps him determined to find the outlaws who killed him and see them on trial for what they’ve done – if he doesn’t lose his mind and kill every one of them with his bare hands first.

Sage and Parker have a common enemy, the McCaw brothers. Together they’re stronger than they are separately. Parker knows the area, but she knows the ways of the wild. Her pet hawk is an additional set of eyes when they need them.

The McCaws had their attack on Sage and Parker planned for a long time, and they aren’t about to give up at the slightest problem. They have additional eyes and ears too.

This historical romance set in the late 1800s gives the reader a beautiful view of Colorado. The characters struggle with other people and with their own faith, but the ending is worth the wait.

DiAnn Mills has been telling her readers to “Expect an Adventure”. That’s exactly what they get with her novels. She has fifty books in print and has sold over 1.5 million copies. If you’d like her to speak to your group, contact her at her website www.diannmills.com