Glory Alley, 1952

In New Orleans, boxers have to face their fears like anybody else. When prizefighter Socks Barbarrosa, played by Ralph Meeker, runs out on his career, no one knows the real reason why. Having lost confidence in himself as a boxer, Barbarrosa joins military and fights in Korea, winning the Congressional Medal of Honor for blowing up a bridge. He expects that war medal to change his life, but when he gets home, the parades eventually stop, and he’s no longer a hero. His insecurity resurfaces, and he must face the challenge of making a living so he can marry his girlfriend.

Blindness is shown in different ways. The Judge, the blind father of Barbarrosa’s girlfriend, is played by Kurt Kasznar. He forbids his daughter Angela, played by Leslie Caron, to see Barbarrosa after he runs out of the boxing ring like a coward. Other forms of blindness are found in the story.

This movie features songs performed by Leslie Caron and Louis Armstrong. Armstrong played Shadow Johnson who trained Barbarrosa when he was still a prizefighter, but he was also the Judge’s trusted friend who helped him travel.

Those who know Jack Teagarden will find him in the movie playing himself. If you listen to the title tune, you’ll hear Louis Armstrong and The All Stars (featuring Jack Teagarden).