Samson and Delilah

When Samson fell in love with Delilah, he knew better than to tell her the secret of his strength. Her people wanted to capture him, so they asked her to find out how to subdue him. Samson loved being with her, so he gave her answers that would keep her around longer, but wouldn’t give away his secret.

Why did he not just throw her out?

When I read Samson’s story in the Bible (Judges, chapter 16), I knew it wasn’t fiction. He was a real guy giving a real guy’s response to the woman who stole his heart.

In a novel, Samson would propose to her near the end of the story. She would agreed to marry him on the condition that he tell her his secret. The wedding scene would be where she stops him before throwing the wedding bouquet and asks him to tell her right then. Instead, he’d whisk her off to a faraway cabin where they would spend the next year in wedded bliss. She’d have her answer, but no one around to tell it to.

And no one would gouge out his eyes.

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Samson must have really loved Delilah, bless his heart.