Jesus and Shirley Temple

Welcome to September, the back to school month.

This month, I plan to share movies I’ve enjoyed that have a school theme. I’ve chosen several that were released between 1936 and 2007. I’m sure you’ve seen at least a couple of my favorites.

This weekend, I’ll review a Shirley Temple movie. One of the things kids have to do while they’re growing up is learn how to adjust to new things. If they don’t learn how to adjust while they’re young, they’ll have a harder time adjusting as an adult.

I’m reminded about adults adjusting to new things when I read in the Bible about the twelve disciples who followed Jesus around and listened to his teachings. Some of the concepts Jesus taught were difficult for them to understand.

Today at Seek God With Me, I’m taking a look at Jesus teaching on the mountainside. All kinds of people gathered there. I believe every generation of that day was represented in the crowd. Jesus drew crowds of deep-thinking adults as well as innocent children with open hearts.

So join me and find out what Jesus was teaching.