Last weekend at the beginning of Long Movie Month here on Blogging Domino, I posted the review of Les Miserables, a movie released in 1934. One of the reasons for the enormous length of that movie and other long versions of the same story is the length of the original novel by Victor Hugo. According to, Hugo’s novel was published in 1862 and contained around 513,000 French words on 1,779 pages.

Next weekend, I’ll post my review of Gone With The Wind, which is also a pretty long movie. It’s listed at around 238 minutes. Margaret Mitchell’s novel was published in 1936 and had 1,037 pages in its first edition.

In Gone With The Wind, Scarlett fights to keep Tara, her family’s plantation, out of the hands of those who would steal it from her. After the Civil War takes a toll on Tara, Scarlett must do whatever is necessary to rebuild Tara.

This rebuilding is also found in my devotional blog this week. Join me at Seek God With Me where I share the story of Nehemiah who has to fight to rebuild the walls of the city.