The Gorilla

Here’s a riddle:
If a 15-foot gorilla walks into a shopping mall, where is he going to go?

Anywhere he wants.

At least until we vote him out of office. … Today’s rant is about the way our government has become a 15-foot gorilla.

Our government was designed to benefit the citizens and protect the people. The people are the power behind the government, or are supposed to be.

There are those in this country who are still hopeful that our government will get back on track with its original guidelines. We can affect our nation, but we won’t do it sitting idly by, just waiting. There are those who are mad enough to join a cause and fight for it. Right now, there are an impressive number of causes being fought for. Or fought over.

The people of this country have a voice, if they’ll raise it. I’ve seen our penchant for voting change the lives of singers on American Idol and dancers on Dancing With The Stars. Americans love to vote. However, we need people to step into political office and give us an opportunity to vote for someone we believe in.

The gorilla can’t be allowed to grow bigger, stomping through the country while we run for cover. It can’t be allowed to carry us with it in one of its hairy hands while it climbs up tall buildings, smashing tiny airplanes.

In case you’ve never seen the movie King Kong, the gorilla loses. The girl wins. But she didn’t win because she was kicking and screaming for help. There was a plan. There was someone passionate enough and wise enough to know how to get the girl and bring her back to where she was supposed to be.

A lot of people feel strongly about our government and worry about our weaknesses. This country has never been perfect, and it’s never going to be. But we might strengthen it by working together and correcting its path.

You don’t have to be a politician to know America was founded by people who believed God. I think it’s time this country in all its beautiful diversity came together in peace, building each other up in love.