This is a subject many people look at as unimportant. However, I have an undiagnosed chronic disease that makes me have to correct everyone else’s grammar (silently most of the time).

I can’t stop mentally correcting people when they say, “This is from her and I.” If they’re giving me a gift when they say that, I simply give them my thanks. But in my imagination, I’m coughing into my hand while saying, “from her and me!”

My wonderful, patient husband puts up with me talking to the TV to correct any grammar errors I hear. And I hear it all over the place: speeches, interviews, dialogue in dramas. I’m an equal opportunity corrector. I put up with him yelling at the TV during sports events, so we’re even.

I must admit that I recently heard two women talking as I was leaving a building, and I waited until the door closed behind me before I corrected their grammar – out loud. It’s okay. There wasn’t anyone else around.

You know, this wouldn’t be a serious issue with me if everyone would use correct grammar. We are required to go to school when we’re kids, but apparently we’re not required to use any of that education when we’re adults.

I should ask a local college or university to pay me to stand on a street corner or in a mall and listen to people in conversation as they walk by me. I would get their attention, correct their grammar, and hand them a brochure for a college grammar course.

Maybe if I wore a clown suit and gave out a 10% off coupon, it might be worth it.

Or maybe I’ll just keep my corrections silent.

While I'm thinking about it, enjoy this YouTube video: