A Woman's Secret, 1949

Estrellita, played by Gloria Grahame, is a singer who’s on her way up thanks to the efforts of Marian Washburn, whose day has come and gone. The audience faces question after question as the plot unfolds. Why would Estrellita want to quit her singing career before she’s really hit her peak? How did Estrellita really get shot?

Marian Washburn, played by beautiful Maureen O’Hara, confesses to the shooting, but did she really do it? Why would she confess? Why would she be willing to go to jail if she didn’t shoot her?

Washburn’s longtime and devoted friend, Luke Jordan, played by Melvyn Douglas, tries to put all the pieces together to free Washburn. He’s sure she’s innocent, but he has to convince the police inspector of that. He can’t give up. If Estrellita dies, Washburn is faced with a homicide charge.

While the police inspector mulls over the facts, his wife adds her opinions. She is a fan of murder mystery stories and has ideas that may help solve the mystery that is baffling her husband. The police inspector’s wife is played brilliantly by Mary Philips. She gave life and humor to the end of the story.

The nurse who cares for Estrellita in the hospital is played by Ellen Corby. I remember Corby as Granma Walton on the TV series The Waltons from the 1970s. If you watch this movie before bed, don’t forget to say “’Night, Granma.”