Slightly Dangerous, 1943

This romantic comedy is the story of dark-haired Peggy Evans, played by Lana Turner, who’s a bored woman who does exactly as she’s supposed to until she can’t take it anymore. She proves she can do her job blindfolded to the dismay of her boss. The blindfolded scene was very well done. The full cast and crew list on lists Buster Keaton as a comedy consultant for this film. He may have had something to do with the very entertaining early scenes.

Peggy finds herself making a drastic change so she doesn’t end up unhappy for the rest of her life. So she gets her hair dyed blonde and buys new clothes. It changes her personality and her sense of freedom. She becomes slightly dangerous.

Walter Brennan as Cornelius Burden, father of missing Carol Burden, takes Peggy into his family because he believes she’s the grown-up version of his missing daughter Carol. Dame May Whitty plays Baba, the woman who took care of Carol before she disappeared.

Robert Young is great as Bob Stuart, her manager, who figures out her new life. He gets fired for being too rough on her at work and is seen as the cause of her suicide since all she left of her old life was a note that sounded like a suicide note. In order to get his job back, he must prove that Peggy isn’t dead. He must bring her back to her old life.

Peggy enjoys her made-over life, but hates that she’s taking advantage of innocent people who have suffered. She finds that it’s too hard to confess that she’s not who she seems. How will she make things right?