It's A Wonderful World, 1939

This amusing movie is about a man who gets inconvenienced by a famous woman who is in the wrong place at the right time. James Stewart stars as the hero in this film which was released only five months before Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and seven years before his more famous film of a similar name It’s A Wonderful Life.

James Stewart is Guy Johnson, a private investigator who wants to save his client, a millionaire accused of murder. He has to find the next victim before anyone else gets killed. Claudette Colbert, as Edwina the poet, happens to be in the way, but helps him solve the mystery and falls for him in the midst of it.

Lots of laughs in this romantic comedy. Too bad the cops are shown to be dim-witted idiots who stand around while Guy and Edwina work the case for them. It’s too funny to be taken seriously, although James Stewart puts on some serious charm as a PI trying to save lives and earn his big payday. With a little more thought to the writing, this could’ve been much more entertaining. But as it is, it’s another look at why James Stewart is such a big star. He makes any movie worthwhile.