Camelot, 1967

Not long after Arthur and Guinevere meet in a romantic forest in Camelot and are married, the knights from all around find out about an unusual plan of King Arthur’s and come join him at the round table. Lancelot Du Lac comes from France to be one of King Arthur’s knights. He’s the very best at everything – and he knows it. Guinevere falls breathlessly in love with Lancelot after she fails at trying to prove he’s not all he claims to be. King Arthur figures out their affair, but chooses to show mercy. He presses on to build a court system instead of letting bloodshed rule the land. When Guinevere lands in his court, Arthur must make a decision. Should he protect his queen and destroy the court he worked so hard to create or keep the court going and risk her life?

Richard Harris is King Arthur. He may be mostly known these days for his role as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films. Franco Nero played Lancelot and is married to Vanessa Redgrave who played Guinevere. A year before Camelot, Richard Harris and Franco Nero both worked in The Bible: In the Beginning… Richard Harris was Cain and Franco Nero was Abel. They act like brothers in Camelot as well.

Camelot was filmed in both California and Spain. The Alcazar de Segovia and the Coca Castle in Segovia, Spain are now popular tourist attractions.