The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter

Excitement whirling from a flurry of wedding details came to an abrupt stop in the face of a major disaster. The groom made a very poorly timed phone call – and announced his refusal to participate.

After that devastating call that stopped the wedding that she’d planned for months and which would coincide with the release of her self-help book Finding Mr. Right-for-You, she listened to the only option that didn’t result in the demise of her career. Just because her marriage was ruined, there wasn’t any point in ruining her career too.

She heard the offer to substitute one groom for another and let the man take his place at the altar. If no one confessed that the groom wasn’t the originally planned man, this whole thing might work. But if anyone leaked the untimely details…

Lucas Wright became Kate Lawrence’s Mr. Right. As long as they kept up the pretense in public, everyone would be happy. Except her of course. And him. But she didn’t know why he did it. He said he wanted her to help his parents’ marriage since she was so good at counseling people in troubled relationships, but that would take time.

And for her, time moved slowly. Getting adjusted to living with a male roommate and his large, shaggy dog was slow-going. But they made it a believable relationship to anyone who saw them together.

Lucas annoyed her at first, but over time she saw his gentle manner and the care in his eyes. He kissed her when no one was around to watch. His family even crept into her heart. She hadn’t counted on any of that.

The one man she’d counted on had failed her at a very inconvenient time. She felt forced into a very risky marriage. But Kate found out that in order to find true love, sometimes you have to take a risk. Love makes it worth it.

I love Denise Hunter books. The shaggy, slobbering sheepdog in this book nudged his way into my heart as I read. I’m familiar with goofy, lumbering dogs. This one wasn’t a major player in the book, but it made the characters loveable and warm.