Driftwood Lane by Denise Hunter

Meridith Ward is likeable even when she’s in turmoil. She has her hands full of life-changing decisions, but she does her best to be there for the children who are more like strangers to her.

Enjoyable Jake Walker has his eye on her – as much as possible. But not for the reason most men would. He wants to find out if Meridith is a wacko. He has to find evidence that she isn’t fit to be the guardian of his sister’s kids.

The more Jake watches Meridith care for the kids, the more he’s convinced that she’s good for them. But that causes new problems.

One of my favorite authors, Denise Hunter has given her fans another fun beach book. I have enjoyed all of her Nantucket Love Stories. The characters hold back from each other, allowing the reader to squirm and enjoy the tension. The children in this book feel real, not stereotypical. I can’t wait to read Hunter’s next novel.