In Harm's Way by Irene Hannon

This is a story of family lost but not forgotten, a reunion long past due, and a man who hopes he can protect the one he loves. When protection seems out of reach, there is still hope.

Rachel couldn’t have known that her whole life would change the moment she first saw the raggedy doll. Had it been accidentally dropped and lost? Or was it hidden in the icy parking lot on purpose?

Special Agent Nick Bradley saw something in the way Rachel Sutton responded to him and to the doll. She wasn’t the usual attention-craving weirdo coming in off the street with a wild tale. She was normal. Except when she held the doll.

Irene Hannon caught my attention right away with the final installment of the Heroes of Quantico series. This interesting plot with tale-twisting turns was a fun read. Hannon’s believable characters grabbed me and took me along with them on a journey of suspense and love.