June Bride, 1948

A New York magazine editor is trapped into working with her old boyfriend after three years of nursing a broken heart. Bette Davis plays Linda Gilman, the editor who must pull out a cover story with or without her writer. Robert Montgomery plays Carey Jackson, the writer who keeps the cover story interesting.

Montgomery did a great job of standing up to Davis in her role as his boss. Her character was strong like a bulldozer and gentle like a…bulldozer. Actually, she did have a couple of moments of sweetness, but as with most of her roles, they were rare moments.

IMDb.com lists this movie as Debbie Reynolds’ film debut. Don’t blink. She’s the bride’s girlfriend at the end. I blinked and had to go back and watch the ending again to find her.

Boo, the younger sister of the bride, is played by Betty Lynn. We know her better as Thelma Lou, Barney Fife’s girlfriend from The Andy Griffith Show.

Another familiar face is that of the secretary who recognizes Carey Jackson who’s just come back from overseas. She’s a young Sandra Gould, who later becomes Gladys Kravits on the TV series Bewitched.

Edith Head designed costumes for this film. She did a great job on the Bette Davis dresses. I always look for the name of the costume designer in the credits to see if it’s Edith Head. I just love her work.