Operation Mad Ball, 1957

Private Hogan has to take his scheming to a new level to make sure the soldiers of an Army surgical hospital in post WWII France get to have their dance. But he must evade Captain Locke – who seems to be out to get him – and win the heart of beautiful nurse Lieutenant Betty Bixby.

Jack Lemmon plays the very sneaky Private Hogan. Lemmon’s first film was It Should Happen to You in 1954. Most people know his work in either Some Like It Hot from 1959 with Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe or The Odd Couple in 1968 with Walter Matthau.

Mickey Rooney is a groovin’, rhymin’, swingin’ Master Sargeant Yancy Skibo. I love Mickey Rooney most of the time anyway. But in this movie, he made me laugh extra hard.

Kathryn Grant is now known as Kathryn Crosby since she was married to Bing Crosby for 20 years. She was able to begin a film career because of her participation in beauty pageants. Her acting wasn’t bad either. She punched Jack Lemmon in the belly in this movie in her role as Lt. Betty Bixby.

Dick York was a very helpful Corporal Bohun. In 1960, he was in Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, and Harry Morgan. He did very few movies, but was in a lot of TV shows. York was Darrin Stephens in Bewitched from 64-69.