Forsaking All Others, 1934

Jeff, played by Clark Gable, comes home to find out that the woman he plans to marry is about to marry someone else. The happy couple and he were an inseparable trio growing up together. Now that it’s time to marry, Jeff wishes he hadn’t been away for so long.

Dill, played by Robert Montgomery, is doing what he should do… marry the woman who is in love with him. Mary, played by Joan Crawford, thinks Jeff has come to celebrate with her when she sees that he’s shown up for the wedding.

However, there’s another woman. When she shows up and gets her way, nobody’s happy. Jeff, being a gentleman, keeps quiet about his feelings. How can he correct such an awful mess? He has to wait for Mary to get over Dill before he can tell her the real reason he came back home.

Joan Crawford was in several movies with Clark Gable in the 1930s. She’s a powerhouse on the screen and needed to be paired with a man of considerable power. Clark Gable fit the bill.

Arthur Treacher played Dill’s butler in this film. He is known for being the perfect English butler in many films, and even played The Constable in Mary Poppins in 1964.

Director W.S. Van Dyke was known for consistently finishing films under budget. He directed Clark Gable in at least four films, but was known for his work with William Powell and Myrna Loy.

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