Wife VS Secretary, 1936

Clark Gable and Myna Loy are Van and Linda, a couple married only four years. His business takes him away with his secretary on a trip so secretive he doesn’t even tell his wife the truth. Of course, she can trust him to be faithful. Can’t she?

Jean Harlow, the original blonde bombshell, plays his secretary. This role gives her room to play it straight. She isn’t the scheming climber trying to breakup the boss’s marriage, but few believe the truth.

James Stewart is her boyfriend. If he won’t believe her who will? Stewart has a couple of very memorable scenes, one in particular in the car with Harlow.

I really enjoyed Harlow’s performance in this film. Although she worked well with James Stewart, she made five films with Clark Gable. According to Imdb.com, “She was the very first film actress to grace the cover of Life magazine in May 1937.”

This film was directed by Clarence Brown, who also directed National Velvet in 1944 and The Yearling in 1946. Along with Robert Altman and Alfred Hitchcock, he was nominated for best director at the Academy Awards five times without winning.

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