You're Welcome

"Your Welcome!"

How many times have you sent or received a text or an email like that?

When my daughter sent me that message, I had to mention it to her. From anyone else, that message would’ve been understood, appreciated, and deleted. But because I’m still in the process of raising kids, I have to make sure they know to proofread before hitting Send.

They are old enough by now to know that a contraction is two words combined into one, with the appropriate use of an apostrophe. You’re is a contraction which means you are. Your is a word which shows you possess something. The possessive your is often used by mistake when people are too distracted and hurried to make sure they’ve put the apostrophe and the e in the right place. For instance: You’re wearing your shoes.

If one of my kids sends me a message like “Your Wonderful!”, sandwiched between two sentences thoroughly appreciating the second word would be a comment about the first word. “My wonderful what? ;) ”

Happy proofreading!

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