There Goes My Heart, 1938

Heiress Joan Butterfield has an argument on her yacht right before she escapes to the freedom of anonymity. Reporter Bill Spencer finds out who she is, keeps her identity a secret so he can write the story for his newspaper, and then falls in love.

Sounds like It Happened One Night?

Ed Sullivan got credit for writing the original story. I don’t know how original it was. He wrote the story for four movies in addition to this one before he became the host of The Ed Sullivan Show (or as it was originally known, Toast of the Town), which aired from 1948 to 1971.

It Happened One Night was released in 1934, and the story was written by Samuel Hopkins Adams. There were a few more movies, in addition to There Goes My Heart, who played off the success of It Happened One Night.

There are differences which make the story seem a little more original. Spencer, played by Fredric March, has never seen the famous heiress’s face. Most people haven't. When he finds out the heiress, played by Virginia Bruce, is working at Butterfield’s department store, he works his way into her life to get a great story. Then when he decides to tear up the story and walk out on the assignment, things happen without his knowledge and ruin his plans.

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