Our Garments

This month, I’m reviewing movies that have great clothing choices in them. These are Edith Head movies. In fact, Edith Head won an Academy Award for Clothing Design in each of the movies I’ll review this month.

She received many awards for clothing design because she put a lot of thought into how the clothes would affect the actor’s portrayal of a character. In order to design clothes for a character, the movie’s setting is taken into consideration, as well as fabric stiffness and color, the cut of the garment, and what is needed from the garment in the scene.

When you and I pick out clothes for the day, we make our decision based on a variety of factors. Some of us spend very little time on the decision, only asking ourselves, “Is it clean and not all that wrinkled?” Some of us spend a lot of time deciding what to wear because of all the things that factor into the decision.

We can categorize the factors to think about when choosing clothing – 1: Things you think about and 2: Things you might not be thinking about, but probably should.

Things you think about: Is it up-to-date or fashionable? Is it appropriate for the event? Is it appropriate for the weather? Is it comfortable? Does the color look good on you? Do you feel happy when you wear it? Does it have meaning because it was a gift from Aunt Martha? Does it display your pride in sewing talents or sale-finding talents?

Things you might not be thinking about: What kind of offers are you inviting, Lil’ Miss Neckline? Does this outfit project an image or attitude that you want people to see when they look at you?

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