Second-Hand Clothes

Today at Seek God With Me, I’m taking a look at the clothes we get from others. Sometimes we get fabulous hand-me-downs from friends or family, and with a little adjustment here or there, they’re perfect for us. I grew up getting clothes my sister outgrew, and it didn’t bother me that they were someone else’s clothes. A neighbor girl had an outfit that was especially cute. When her mom gave the outfit to my mom to see if it would fit me, I was thrilled.

However, we sometimes find that other people’s clothes don’t fit us at all. If a seven-year-old boy tried on his father’s shoes, more than likely, they’d be dangerously big on him. He shouldn’t try to play sports in them.

Can you say no when someone offers you what works for them? This is the kind of thing I’m discussing at Seek God With Me. Won’t you join me?

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