Too Hot To Handle, 1938

Clark Gable is Chris Hunter, a newsreel photographer. His competition at another newsreel company is Bill Dennis, played by Walter Pidgeon. Gable and Pidgeon aren’t getting the shots they need, and neither one is above faking the shot the boss wants to see.

Myrna Loy is Alma Harding, the female pilot who is determined to find her brother who is lost in South America. Gable wants to help Loy, but he also thinks he can do it on company pay – with lots of unique shots of the rescue. Pidgeon and Loy were together before Gable came along and messed things up. Now the love triangle is more like a 3 ring circus.

I enjoyed Myrna Loy’s gutsy character. She showed heart and determination when other women would’ve gone home and given up. The ending made me smile.

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