Fear No Evil

70 years ago, WWII was causing destruction all over the world. Nazi German extermination camps were opening. Japanese forces were attacking nation after nation. In the US, women were taking the place of men in the work force. There were war bond sales to round up more money to send our troops the supplies they needed. People showed courage in the middle of destruction. Those who knew God were praying. Those who didn’t were sometimes found praying too.

Even in recent years when people have had to face death, they did so with Psalm 23 on their lips. Those who didn’t know it already might have been reading over someone else’s shoulder. The psalm inspires courage when people need it most.

By now, people have seen so many movies where Psalm 23 is quoted that using it in real life-threatening situations is instinctive.

Do you know Psalm 23?

Join me at Seek God With Me as I highlight one of the reminders in the psalm.

If you wanted to, you could have the entire Psalm 23 memorized before next Wednesday. Try it.

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